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[Kernel][4.2.2. és 4.3] Purified Kernel
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Kernel features:
•Build on Lubuntu 13.04 x86_64
•Build with Linaro 13.07 gcc 4.8.2 (arm-eabi official)
•Full -O3 support (SLUB allocation), with cpu and target flags enhanced, linaro build improvements, etc
•Based on franco nightlies+, cherry-picks on demand
•Merged from Linux 3.1.10
•MultiROM support (kexec)
•zRAM disabled
•USB-OTG, USB Audio and 3G Dongle support
•Full USB network support, updated ASIX AX88* driver to version 4.8
•Enhanced performance and battery patches (deadline+interactive)
•Several TCP methods (westwoood default)
•Several I/O control (deadline default, 512 buffer)
•CPU governor tunables (default intereactive 204-1300MHz for battery and performance),
•Use amazing hotplug routines by @franciscofranco, with Hotplug Control
•FSYNC, WiFi high performance and Smart DImmer on/off
•GPU Scaling controls (GPU OC available, 416MHz default battery and performance)
•MPU voltages tunables with UV tables
•Tweaked Ramdisk for AOSP, CM 10.2 and PA
•Will try to port Sweep2wake to grouper in future

1. Boot a recovery-be
2. Wipe cache és dalvik cache
3 Telepítsd a kernelt
4. Reboot a rendszerbe
5. Reboot a recovery-be
6. Fix permission
7. Kész
Nexus 4 - 4.4 Mahid + Franco kernel
Nexus 7 (2012) - 5.0.1 Euphoria + stock kernel