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Szerző Téma: [Kernel][4.2.2. és 4.3] M-Kernel [WiFi/3G]  (Megtekintve 3174 alkalommal)

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[Kernel][4.2.2. és 4.3] M-Kernel [WiFi/3G]
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A letöltéshez szükséges fájlok a 2. hozzászólásban találhatóak. A letöltésnél legyetek figyelmesek, hogy 4.2.2.-es vagy 4.3-as romhoz való kernelt töltötök le.

Basic feature list: (a teljesség igénye nélkül)

•   CPU over clock up to 1.7GHz
•   GPU over clock up to 700MHz
•   LP core overclock to 666MHz
•   Custom user voltage control for CPU and Core components such as EMC, GPU, and LP (faux123)
•   support for ROM built-in OTG support……

A kernel paramétereit a You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login programmal módosíthatjátok.

Ajánlott beállítás:
CPU governor - TouchDemand with default parameters (default)
I/O Scheduler -
- Deadline (default) for pure I/O speed. Fastest read and write speeds. May cause occasional lag during background downloading/installing
- ROW for pure read speed. Fast reads which are often the most important on mobile. Similar concerns like deadline.
- BFQ for overall smoothness. Slower than Deadline and ROW, but prevents stutters while downloading in background
Max Frequency - 1.2Ghz (Stock max for 2+ cores)
- Note: Tegra sets the max frequency to 1.5Ghz at boot, make sure to change it manually or have an app set it at boot to avoid battery loss.
- Note 2: DO NOT USE SYSTEM TUNER TO SET FREQUENCIES. CONFLICTS WITH AUDIO PERFLOCK IN KERNEL. Do NOT use system tuner to set frequencies as it conflicts with audio performance lock in this kernel. Will prevent you from lowering your maximum frequency. Use Trickstermod.
GPU Max Freq - 446Mhz (maintains good battery life while smoothing out some THD games)
- Possible frequencies -
LP Max Freq - 666Mhz. (default) (not user configurable)
Fsync - off (be aware of data loss concerns, even if they actually are minimal)
SmartDimmer/PRISM - Off
WIFI PM mode - max (default setting)
zRAM - off/none (default) (absolutely worthless on android 4.0+ with >1GB RAM)
Data remounting - already included in ramdisk. Additional scripts not needed.

1. Boot a recovery-be
2. Wipe cache és dalvik cache
3 Telepítsd a kernelt
4. Reboot a rendszerbe
5. Reboot a recovery-be
6. Fix permission
7. Kész

Nexus 4 - 4.4 Mahid + Franco kernel
Nexus 7 (2012) - 5.0.1 Euphoria + stock kernel